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Service helps ‘diamond’ Muriel get sparkle back

11 May 2016

Support from a charity service has helped give a 79-year-old woman ‘peace of mind’ and ‘turn her life around’. 


Age UK Sheffield runs the ‘At Home – Choices’ service which helps people in later life to live independently.


Support available includes everyday cleaning and domestic tasks, doing or assisting with the shopping, helping people get out and about, looking after pets, light gardening or DIY, reading or writing letters, having a cup of tea and a chat, and support with managing money and bills.


Muriel Northfield has benefited from the service for more than a year.


She said: “The Choices service has been a very big help to me, I really appreciate it.


“I had to move from an upstairs flat to a downstairs one. They helped me and were wonderful - I couldn’t have done it without them. More recently they helped me with boxing up some belongings for storage, too.


“They help me put the washing on and organise the food in my fridge and cupboards.


“I’m managing better at the moment but it is good to have them visit. It gives me peace of mind because they’ll always remind me they can help if I don’t feel able to do things.” 


Age UK Sheffield support worker Louise Hawley said: “Muriel’s property had become very cluttered and she was also struggling with health conditions including fluid on her legs causing mobility problems and had to move flats.


“We helped her de-clutter, get things boxed up to go into storage and got the flat decorated. We were also able to help while she was in and out of hospital having treatment.


“Once she was back at home, support workers went to the shops for her, or went with her and assisted her in getting in and out of the car, and around the supermarket.


“We have helped her with some correspondence she was a bit overwhelmed with and also arranged things like doctor’s appointments.


“Support workers also help to keep Muriel’s spirits up when she is feeling anxious – the ‘At Home – Choices’ service is about friendship and emotional support as well as the practical help. 


“The service is about helping people to help themselves and Muriel’s an absolute diamond.


“She is much happier now – with help from our service, plus the hospital treatment, Muriel has turned her life around. She is like a different woman now.”


Age UK Sheffield CEO Steve Chu said: “We’ve expanded our Choices service in Sheffield this year, due to significant local demand.


“Older people tell us they would prefer to use home services from a well-known local charity, with a great reputation. People also like the fact that they know they will see the same support worker almost every week, so they get used to a familiar face.”


The ‘At Home – Choices’ service costs £17.50 per hour. For more information, e-mail or call Age UK Sheffield on 0114 250 2850.