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£2.5m boost for older Sheffielders

06 July 2016

Steve ChuAge UK Sheffield Chief Executive, Steve Chu, says his information and advice team helped older people in the city claim more than £2.5m in previously-unclaimed benefits in 2015/16.


He was responding to a report by LV=, which claims that 11% of pensioners rely on friends and relatives for cash handouts to make ends meet.


Like all local Age UKs, Age UK Sheffield has a free and impartial Information and Advice service, which can help people aged over-50 to assess whether they may be entitled to additional benefits, and help them to make the claim.


Mr Chu said: "“Poverty among older people is heartbreaking. It reduces length of life and quality of life. We know there are thousands of older people who are entitled to claim additional benefits to bring them up to a basic standard of living, but aren’t claiming them.


“In Sheffield, in 2015/16, we helped 553 people claim an additional £2.5m per year that they hadn’t been claiming – that’s an average of an extra £87 per week, per person. We have had cases of people who couldn’t afford to heat their home, and found we were able to help them access four or five additional benefits, sometimes totalling over £200 per week.”


To access Age UK Sheffield's Information and Advice service, and find out whether you may be eligible for extra cash, simply phone (0114) 250 2850. Or call into our shop near the Castle Square tram stop.