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Older people in Sheffield ‘better off by £3,000’

03 June 2016

ILC servicesOlder people in Sheffield are healthier and financially better-off by up to £3,000 a year thanks to a project piloted by a city charity, according to a new study.


On average, beneficiaries are each receiving an extra £3,000 per year, following support from the Wellbeing Co-ordination Pilot delivered by Age UK Sheffield, which has helped them apply for benefits they were entitled to but had not been claiming.


The project, run by the charity’s Independent Living Co-ordination (ILC) service, worked with older people who needed support to prevent a deterioration in their circumstances, and who may have been living with age-related frailty or illness, social isolation or bereavement.


The study, carried out on behalf of the national Age UK charity, also found that people involved had benefited from better physical and mental health after just three months on the project, due to improvements in their home and social circumstances.


Steve Chu, the charity’s chief executive, said: “It is fantastic news that an external evaluation has proven what we already knew – that our ILC service helps older people in Sheffield to be better off, and improve their independence, physical health and mental health.


“This study also found that most participants had significant needs, but fell just below the level at which they could receive social care support, which really underlines the importance of our services.


“By improving outcomes for older people in this way, our work helps to reduce demand for costly health and social care services and increases the spending power of older people in Sheffield’s economy.”


Age UK Sheffield ILCs co-ordinate services to meet the needs of older people in the city, such as:


•         Ensuring they are claiming all the benefits they are entitled to, and addressing any other financial issues
•         Arranging aids and adaptations to people’s homes, to meet their changing circumstances
•         Putting them in touch with local activity groups, as well as transport services to help them access them.


For more information on older people’s services provided by Age UK Sheffield, contact (0114) 250 2850 or click here.