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Porter Valley in Touch is one of our new services this year.

The service is delivered by Age UK Sheffield in partnership with the Porter Valley Primary Care Network, through a team of volunteers and staff. Its aim is to support older people who live in the Porter Valley Primary Care Network area to gain a greater sense of health and wellbeing, through being supported to regain or retain their independence and become less socially isolated.

The service works by carefully matching a trained volunteer with an older person who has been identified by health services as someone who can benefit from the service. Reasons for referral could be if the person is feeling isolated or lonely, who might have mild mobility or health issues and could benefit from this service to support them to regain their confidence and independence.

Volunteers receive a full programme of training developed specifically for this service before getting started. The pair are then able to share their hobbies and interests with the person they have been paired with (matched according to similar interests and hobbies) and the volunteer will provide support for the person to learn, or re-learn new skills such as simple domestic tasks, or new ways to socialise such as accessing zoom or skype to keep in touch with family, friends and services that have now moved online. Volunteer can also be there to provide support for gaining confidence in leaving the house, going for a walk, to the shops, or into town. When shared, these skills and abilities can have a huge positive impact on someone’s life and overall sense of health and wellbeing.

Aim of service

The aim of the service is to help people regain and retain their independence, to be able to socialise with friends and family (whether online or in person) and gain a greater sense of health and wellbeing through reducing social isolation and loneliness. This will have a beneficial impact on local health care services through a reduction in contact for social issues or avoidable admissions. It has been found that lonely individuals are more likely to visit their GP, have higher use of medication, higher incidence of falls and increased risk factors for long term care. They are also more likely to undergo early entry into residential or nursing care and use accident and emergency services independent of chronic illness (Campaign to End Loneliness).

Who can be referred to the service?

Health Care workers such as GPs, support workers and occupational therapists can refer someone to the service, or a person is welcome to refer themselves to the service. See the link to download the referral form below.
The service can accept referrals for anybody who lives in the Porter Valley Primary Care network. The Network is made up of people who attend the following GP Surgeries:

  • Carterknowle & Dore surgeries
  • Falkand Surgery
  • Greystones Medical Centre
  • The Hollies Medical Centre
  • Nethergreen Surgery
  • Rustlings Road surgery

Access a Referral form for a Patient

Download, complete and return this referral form for a patient you would like to refer to this service. (See below for self-referral)

Would you like to self refer to this service?

If you would like to refer yourself to this service, you can ether click the link to send us an email, or contact us via our phone number 0114 250 2850 Please ensure you mention that you are hoping to self-refer to the Porter Valley in Touch Service.

Interested in Volunteering?

If you're interested in volunteering for this service, please visit our Porter Valley in Touch volunteering page for more information, simply click here.