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About us

Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance was developed in 2013 as a membership network. We currently have around 80 members from a variety of sectors such as health and social care organisations, banks and building societies, large and small charities as well as private organisations, businesses, voluntary, community and faith groups. All of our members have joined SDAA as they would like to strive towards ensuring that their organisation and our city as a whole are accessible to, and supportive of people living with dementia and those who care for them.

The Alliance is working to establish Sheffield as a dementia friendly city and we strive to engage with more businesses and organisations to raise awareness of dementia whilst also expanding our membership and the support that we offer. 2020 also marks the start of the Alliance being jointly run alongside Age UK Sheffield, a local charity that shares our passion and ethos about improving the lives of people living with dementia, as well as their carers, friends and families in Sheffield.

Currently, the Alliance has a key role in working alongside partners to implement the Sheffield Dementia Strategy which involves 13 commitments that key organisations have signed, demonstrating their commitment to delivering this important strategy for the city.

SDAA began life as a vehicle for social change - to ensure community based activities were accessible for people living with dementia. Moving forward, our vision for the future is to create an alliance that can truly realise and implement the huge collective potential of Sheffield and all that can be achieved when we work together. We hope to guide both the members of SDAA and other services and organisations in order to become a team that are passionate and successful, not only in becoming dementia friendly but also in empowering and truly supporting those living with dementia and their carers. There’s lots more work to do, awareness to raise and support to offer! So why not find out more about how you can get involved by taking a look at our information, opportunities and what it means to become a member.