Please check on older neighbours during the heatwaveWhilst many of us are enjoying this hot weather, spare a thought for older people who may need some help during these extreme temperatures.

Please check on older neighbours who may not wish to go outside to do their shopping during this heatwave. Older people may require help with food shopping or collecting prescriptions, and ensuring they stay hydrated with cool drinks.

Heather Osborne, Chief Executive of Age UK Shropshire Telford & Wrekin, said: ‘With temperatures rising over the next few days we are aware that some older people are less likely to venture outdoors to do their shopping because of the soaring temperatures. We are urging people to check on their older neighbours to ensure they have all they need and are keeping cool during this heatwave. Extreme temperatures can be particularly dangerous for older people; sustained hot weather can trigger health problems unless care is taken to keep cool.

‘There are lots of things we can all do to keep cool, but popping in to see older neighbours to ensure they are drinking cool drinks, asking if they need any prescriptions collecting or have enough supplies of food and refreshments is particularly important during this heatwave.’

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