‘Staying Steady' - exercise classes for older people in North Somerset.  These classes are part of a North Somerset wide initiative to increase healthy and active living in the area.

Older woman doing gentle exercise

We all know the importance as we grow older of maintaining and improvng our flexibility and mobility.  These classes will help increase your range of movements, help prevent thickening of your arteries and reduce the risk of injuries, muscle pain and cramps. 

They will also help you to maintain your levels of energy and vitality to enjoy later life to the full, and it is is an effective way of mixing with other people and meeting new friends.  Please come and join us where a warm welcome awaits you. 

One class participant commented, "I can now walk anywhere, manage steps, stairs and dance.  I recommend it to everyone." 

All sessions are delivered by qualified instructors who have experience of working with older people.  The exercises can assist with improving flexibility, co-ordination, strength and balance.    

What classes are available? 

Exercise sessions taking place in North Somerset

Please note that not all of these classes are run by Age UK Somerset.  Please use the details provided to contact the instructor before attending to make sure the group is meeting on that day. 

For further information

For further information contact our North Somerset Ageing Well Manager, Nikki Smith, on 07530 777895, or email nikki.smith@ageuksomerset.org.uk.