We can provide timely information and support if you, a close family member or someone you care for is thinking about moving into a care home. We might also be of help if you’re already in a care home.

Who is this for?moving to a care home

Anybody over 50 or their carer(s), as well as close family members.

What is available?

Support to enable a better understanding of the choices and options for long-term care. This will include your rights and the legal obligations of ‘statutory agencies’ (Health, Social Care and Pensions). You will be treated with respect and what you say will be held in complete confidence.

As always, an experienced officer will deal with your particular situation, ensuring that everything is covered:

  • Finance, including your entitlements.
  • Differences between residential and nursing homes.
  • Situations where you can’t organise things yourself.
  • Dealing with dementia or other disabilities.
  • Choices and possible homes.

There may be lots of other things you’d like to ask about.

We can also act alongside you, writing or speaking on your behalf – acting as your ‘independent advocate’. This might, for example, include sorting out problems with quality of care. If we do this, you’ll always be in control – we only work with your permission.

Where and when?

We can meet you in your own home, at our office in Kendal or another place of your choice where we can speak in private. If needed, this might include hospital. If you’re already resident in a care home then we can also meet there.

How do I find out more?

Contact our helpline and ask about moving to a care home.

If you know someone who you think could benefit from talking to us, please pass on our helpline number so they can call us directly.

Further information