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Update about the flu jab and Keeping Well this winter

Published on 07 December 2018 11:17 AM

Winter health resources - an update about the flu jab

You may have seen some media stories about the availability of the flu jab. NHS England have assured us that the vaccine is now in stock for everyone who needs it 

Here's the latest update:

This year, those aged 65 and over will be given the newly-licensed adjuvanted trivalent vaccine, which is designed to boost the body’s immune response, improving the effectiveness of the vaccine in the older age group.

All vaccines have now been delivered to those surgeries and pharmacists who placed an order on time

The NHS is working with GPs to ensure the vaccine gets to where it is needed, and in reassuring the public that there is sufficient supply of the vaccine in stock for everyone to get protected ahead of winter.

Now the remainder of the vaccine stocks for older people have been delivered, the NHS are working to remind people to go and get their free NHS jab before the start of the flu season.

Why the flu jab is important for older people:
Colds, flu and pneumonia are all more common in winter. Last year over 60% of cases of flu that needed hospital treatment were in people over 65. 

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