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While the long-term impact of the coronavirus pandemic remains an unknown, the signs are that it will have at least a temporary and probably very significant effect on daily life in the UK. And it’s clear that older people, especially those with underlying health conditions, will be the hardest hit. 

Age UK Sunderland is dedicated in providing ongoing support to older people across the city during this challenging time.

Tracy Collins Director of Age UK Sunderland commented “Coronavirus is a clinical challenge and we are urging people to adhere to the latest government guidelines, however we believe the social impact poses the same risk. Some older people can rely on great support from their families but not everyone is so lucky so we are working very hard to ensure that there is support available to help get them through.

Age UK Sunderland supports many older people on a daily basis and we are determined to continue to be there offering support to older people throughout the period to come, ensuring services are delivered safely and effectively.

Our dedicated staff and volunteers will continue to support and we are urging everyone to stay in touch with older relatives and friends over the phone and see if the older people you know need any help to do their shopping and encourage them to stay active in the house. In line with government guidelines it is advisable to continue to keep 2 metres apart, sadly no kissing and hugging and those hand hygiene practices are very important to protect older people from risk.

Now is not the time to back off our older population, who need more love and support than ever. Do provide reassurance and now is a good time to make a plan together as a family. And for everyone else now is also a great time to look out for older neighbours, especially if they seem to be on their own and help provide support in the week and months to come”.

We are aware that many older people are receiving fantastic support from their family and friends at this time and we need this to continue.

For support please email us at or call us on 0191 514 8334.

Tracy Collins, Director

Tracy Collins