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We believe that every person deserves to live their life to the full – that’s why we’ve launched this innovative new service. People sometimes need help and assistance to remain independent and ensure a good quality of life - with choice and control. Our LIFEstyle service can now help you to achieve this.

What is LIFEstyle?
LIFEstyle can make life easier and more enjoyable. If you would you like help to go out shopping, someone to accompany you to the cinema, on a walk or at other social events or help with light housework, we can help you.

Tell us what style of life you want and we will provide you with our LIFEstyle service. It is your life, your choice. We will provide a quality service to enable you to live your life to the full.

What can you expect from LIFEstyle

An initial visit from our LIFEstyle Co-ordinator to discuss and agree your needs and the level of help and support that you require. This will be conducted in a very sensitive and informal manner and you will be invited to ask questions and be given all the information you need.

The LIFEstyle Co-ordinator will inform you of our pricing schedule, plus our contract terms and conditions.  LIFEstyle will provide appropriately trained and supportive staff to deliver a quality, flexible service either in your own home or in other environments to enable you to have a better quality of life and maintain your independence.

Staff will undertake reasonable tasks of various natures (other than personal care needs) as identified by you. We will endeavour to supply the preferred member of staff and at short notice whenever possible.

Regular reviews will be conducted to ensure that LIFEstyle is meeting your needs and to ensure that you are happy with the service.

Download the LIFEstyle leaflet

If you would like any further information for either yourself or a family member, contact our LIFEstyle Co-ordinator who will be delighted to answer any questions either by telephone, email or a home visit.


LIFEstyle Co-ordinator

Phone: 0191 5148324

Fax: 0191 567 0378



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