Timely information and support for patients, families and carers to enable a smooth transition from hospital to a care home setting

care home service

We understand that moving into care is a major life event

Our Care Home service works to ensure patients, families and carers are fully informed, treated considerately and remain in control during this important transition

How we can help

  • Faster discharge from hopsital into a care home setting 
  • Improved well being, reduced anxiety and a smoother, safer transition reduces the likelihood of readmission
  • Support to understand the choices and options for long-term care, including quality and price
  • Personalised discussions on what to consider and expect, including assisted visits to local care homes 
  • Named point of contact to facilitate communication between hospital and care staff, patients and families 


To be eligible for the service, patients must fulfill all the criteria stated below

  • Aged 65+ and registered with a Sutton GP
  • Financial assessment must have been completed prior to referral
  • Consent to be moved into care is clearly given as determined by a mental capacity assessment
  • Medically fit for discharge
  • Has an appointed power of attorney or appointeeship

Make a referral

Phone: 077 3444 4753 / 2 or 020 8770 6959 

Further information