Commissioned by the Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group, this service provides practical and emotional support to people aged 65+ with minimal family or friend networks 

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What does Home from Hospital do? 

Home from Hospital is integrated with health, social care and community services and seeks to prevent an acute hospital admission, reduce length of stay and reduce re-admission rates upon discharge from hospital.  

Volunteers provide light practical and emotional support for a four-week period, assisting with tasks such as: 

  • Shopping  
  • Light cleaning/tidying 
  • Occasional preparation of light meals
  • Emotional support and confidence building 

The team also ensures patients are connected to appropriate services in the community. 

What does NHS Community Helpers do?

Often, we find that a lack of a support network means patients are lonely or isolated, and need longer term support. Our Befriending service (NHS Community Helpers) connects older people to a befriender who will call or visit depending on the patient's preference.

The service works to build emotional wellbeing, with a long-term goal of boosting social confidence by connecting older people to local social activities, so they can reconnect with their community and begin rebuilding a support network. 

Trained volunteers deliver telephone or face-to-face befriending, and may assist in other ways, such as accompanying older people to a club or group for the first time.  

hfhCase Study: Read how Home from Hospital helped Elizabeth recover after a stroke 


Who is eligible for the service? 

The service is available to people aged 65+ who are registered with a Sutton GP, and who have no family or friend support network in the area. 

Make a referral 

Submit a referral online 

Phone: 077 3444 4753 / 2


Fax: 020 8770 4093

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