“I am now able to get down to the Legion after six weeks of not being able to. I would not have tried it if I didn’t have my volunteer there. I wouldn’t have been able to do it or I wouldn’t have had the confidence to.”

Home from Hospital volunteer

Home from Hospital volunteers play a vital role in assisting older people feel better, happier and more confident.  

Older people who are supported by Home from Hospital often have no one else to turn to. This makes their recovery following a hospital stay or an illness that much harder, because they don't have relatives or friends who can support them with those little things that mean so much - like getting some shopping in so the fridge isn't empty when they return home, or having a cup of tea and a chat during the week. 

Older people with no support are more likely to be readmitted to hospital following an initial stay. And so begins a vicious cycle of ill health and hospital admissions. 

That's where our Home from Hospital volunteers come in. They act as a spanner in the works, thwarting the cycle by offering support to lonely older people who have been discharged from hospital. By offering reassurance and encouragement, they help to build wellbeing and independence and enable positive recovery. 

As a Home from Hospital Volunteer, you might: 

  • Provide emotional and light practical support, underpinned by confidence building for a period of 4 weeks 
  • Visit clients in their homes for up to two hours, once or twice a week with the aim of providing reassurance and building confidence 
  • Undertake small practical tasks on occasion, e.g. tidying up
  • Accompany a client to go shopping or do some shopping for a them if they are unable to get out and about 

Home from Hospital volunteers are invaluable in providing reassurance and starting to encourage independence in those initial weeks following discharge.

Please note: Home from Hospital volunteers are not required to undertake personal care of any sort.  Clients are assessed by a Home from Hospital Manager to determine if they have suitably low-level needs for volunteer support. 

Is it for me? 

If you can spare a couple of hours a week - either during the day, weekdays or at weekends, we could use your help. We have an urgent need for more Home from Hospital volunteers, and a compassionate, empathetic individual would find it very rewarding. 

Apply online 

Email: homefromhospital@ageuksutton.org.uk

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