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Covid-19 Community Groups/Organisations Small Grants Fund

We want to hear what your group/organisation needs to continue to safely deliver your services to people impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic in Redcar and Cleveland.

Funding has been provided by the Local Authority and can cover a
range of eligible expenditure such as:
1) Costs related to continuing service delivery throughout the Covid-19 pandemic
2) Purchasing equipment to ensuring service delivery is Covid-19 secure (excluding PPE).
3) Purchasing resources to enable service delivery to those affected by Covid-19, for example food parcels, dinner delivery services for the most vulnerable and isolated etc.

This list is not exhaustive, the key priority of the fund is ensuring service delivery benefits those affected by Covid-19 and is delivered in a Covid-19 secure way. Grants range from £20 to £1500.

Application Form

For more information, please contact Laura Wedgwood
01642 80 55 00