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I May Move is a personal challenge, set your own distance and pace but commit to run everyday in the Month of May whilst fundraising to support our fantastic charity

Fancy a challenge? Our annual I May Move event helps you to get fit whilst raising money to support the work we do in your local communities.

Keep it simple - Run/Walk/Cycle/Swim everyday in the month of May, any distance, any pace. Put £1 in an achievement jar for each day you run, BUT if you miss a day, pop £2 instead.

Step it up a gear - Boost your fundraising by encouraging sponsorship or donations through our JustGiving page.

Feeling competative? Why not challenge friends to join in and see who can run the furthest or raise the most?

Whatever you do, however you get involved, we are grateful for your support and want to showcase your efforts on our social media channels, please send your photos, video or funny stories from your I May Move journey to...

Click here to send us your information

Of course if running is not your thing, adapt this challenge to suit you, the important thing is to get moving! 

Here's what some of our previous runners have to say...

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This year the money raised by I May Move will be going to support our Befriending service.  Across our district, there are many older people who have little or no contact with people all week.  Our Befriending service provides training for volunteers and matches people based on likes and interests to ensure the start of a wonderful friendship.  Befriending volunteers either visit in person or telephone for an hour each week, making the world of difference not only to someone who feels lonely, but also to the volunteer who gains a new friend.

If you’d like to support Befriending and help reduce loneliness, why not donate to our I May Move fundraiser or if you’d like to be a volunteer, get in touch with our volunteer manager!

Support I May Move and Befriending

Every pound really makes a difference and helps us to help those who have no where else to turn.      Thank You!