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Digi-pals is a new service offering friendly computer support to older people in Wandsworth.

With so much of modern life 'admin' moving on-line, digital isolation is a huge problem amongst older people.

The digi-pals service will offer stand-alone sessions in libraries across the borough on different subjects such as 'setting up and using email', 'using the internet to search for information' and 'using social media'. 

The computer skills sessions will help older people to access relevant information, services and entitlements online and also help them to connect with family and friends.

Next sessions:

June 19th 10-12 Roehampton Library
June 25th 10-12 Tooting Library
July 3rd 10-12 Wandsworth Library
July 10th 10-12 Southfields Library
July 17th 10-12 Roehampton Library
July 23rd 12.30-2.30 Tooting Library (please note new time)
Sept 4th 10-12 Wandsworth Library
Sept 11th 10-12 Southfields Library
Sept 18th 10-12 Roehampton Library
Sept 24th 12.30-2.30 Tooting Library (please note new time)
October 2nd 10-12 Wandsworth Library
October 9th 10-12 Southfields Library
October 16th 10-12 Roehampton Library
October 29th 12.30-2.30 Tooting Library (please note new time)

If you know someone who would benefit from attending a session please contact Emma Chisholm.
Or if you would like to volunteer to support this new service please click here.

For more in-depth information about specific subjects, we also recommend 'Tech and Tea' sessions which are run by another local charity - Communitech. Please click here to see their upcoming events calendar.