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What are Direct Payments?

Direct Payments are a different way of getting the support you need. Instead of getting home care services provided by Westminster City Council, you get the money for the care you need and choose the kind of support that is right for you. You arrange your own care and take the responsibility for managing it.

Who can apply for a Direct Payment?

If you are assessed as needing community care services from Westminster’s Community Services Department then you can receive a Direct Payment. You must be able to manage it, with or without help.

What can Age UK Westminster do to help you?

Age UK Westminster is working in partnership with Westminster City Council to help people who are receiving Direct Payments. The support co-ordinator will advise and assist you with some of the tasks you need to complete to take up Direct Payments.

Please contact our Information & Advice team on the details below for further information on our Direct Payments advice service and to confirm eligibility.

To request a service please contact:

Befriending Coordinator
Age UK Westminster
The Beethoven Centre
Third Avenue
W10 4JL

Telephone: 020 3004 5610