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Age UK Westminster offers residents across the borough a simple and safe means to obtain shopping and other basics delivered direct to the door by our trusted volunteers.

Whether it is a large shop from a supermarket, a few items from an organic shop or a prescription, we are happy to deliver to any Westminster postcode within 48hrs (usually same or next day if ordered early enough).

Our service is also a neighbourly helping hand: we have mailed packages, brought a kettle and radiator for a resident with a broken boiler, strip lights for a kitchen, and emergency food supplies for a resident discharged from hospital. If we cannot help, we will do our best to signpost to someone who can.

How to Register:

If you can go online, or someone can go online for you, click here Register for Age UK Westminster Shopping Once you are registered, you don’t ever need to do it again.

If you are not online, we will fill in the form for you over the phone. Please call our Shopping Service coordinator direct on 07930279121, or via our main number 0203 0045610.

How to Shop:

Once you are registered, you can email your order here Write to Shopping Service Age UK Westminster or text it to here 07930279121.

Or simply call us with your list if you do use email or texting. We are happy to hear from you anytime.

How to Pay:

Once registered, payment is simple and safe: a contactless, cash free process. Your card (filed securely) is charged just the amount of the shop on your receipt. You retain the original receipt for your records. That’s it!

Please find further details on how your details are stored by vHelp, our shopping app partner here: