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Our Winter Appeal is now closed.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated - with your help we were able to support older people this Winter, when they needed us most.

Help us keep older people connected this Winter

We don’t know exactly how our lives will be affected this Winter, but we do know that with your help we can be there to support older people, whatever happens.

The cold, dark Winter months still ahead of us, surging energy prices and uncertainty over the Covid 19 pandemic mean that many local older people still need our support.

The pandemic has increased the number of older people experiencing a significant decline in their health and wellbeing and exacerbated loneliness and isolation, with countless older people spending day after day alone with only the television for company. Too many older people are also facing the impossible choice of eating or turning their heating on this winter. No one should be put in this position.

Can you help us to be there for local older people this Winter by making a donation?

  • Donating £5 helps us to provide a Bag of Support containing items to offer comfort and reassurance to those most vulnerable, including those who are housebound or living alone.

  • Donating £15 enables us to offer befriending support and regular Connect magazines to a local older person.

  • Donating £25 enables us to provide help to an older person returning home from hospital or provide welfare checks to those most in need.

Donate now

It is estimated that 40% of older households in the UK are living in fuel poverty. This means that once their heating bills are paid, their remaining income falls below the official poverty line. 
We are grateful for any amount you can donate and together we are able to support and be there for older people who need us most this Winter.

Thank You.


Olleen's Story

Olleen is a 92-year-old widow who lives alone. She is visually impaired and also has limited mobility and therefore relies on carers coming into her home three times a day. 

Since the first Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020, Olleen has been housebound.  She found lockdown extremely difficult - unable to see her friends or go to church, she felt very isolated and lonely and became quite anxious and worried at times.

We supported Olleen during this period with weekly befriending phone calls and regular doorstep visits, which included dropping off a Bag of Support and little treats such as cake and biscuits to lift her spirits. We also provided Olleen with a meal and a present for Christmas as we knew she would be spending it alone.  She was so thrilled to receive this and said it made her day.

During the pandemic, Olleen’s mobility has declined further.  We continue to support her with befriending calls and doorstep visits to ensure she stays connected to her community and has someone to chat to about any worries, or just for some company. 

“The weekly check in is reassuring and gives me something to look forward to.  I’m so thankful for the support I’ve received - I feel less worried now and more hopeful for the future”.



Pravin's Story

Pravin is a widower in his 70’s.  He was feeling isolated and lonely following the loss of his wife and after a number of significant falls, he was referred to us for support through our Home from Hospital Service. 

During the pandemic, we supported Pravin by making regular telephone calls and doorstep visits to have a chat and drop off Connect Magazine and other activities to keep him busy. This befriending support helped him to cope with lockdown and the long months of isolation.

Unfortunately Pravin’s health and mobility has deteriorated during the pandemic, but he enjoys reading our Connect magazines and we will continue to be there for him as he faces new challenges.

Age UK has supported me practically and emotionally over the last few years. I had been feeling so lonely and low - having this support really helped me through a very challenging period of my life. I don’t know how I would have managed without them – I am always telling people how marvelous the charity is!”