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Helping you stay happy and well at home.

About the service

The Home Wellbeing Service provides wellbeing checks for people at home to help keep them safe and well this winter.

Our team’s home visits can check for warmth or safety issues and can identify if any adaptations or equipment would be helpful. This initiative ensures people can stay well in their own home, avoiding often preventable conditions.

It is for anyone over 18 when one of their healthcare professionals feel they might find the service useful. The wellbeing check will consist of:

  • A practical home safety check
  • A chat to see how else help might be given

How the service can help you...

What can the service offer?
At the wellbeing check we may suggest and help with accessing several services. Following this, people may be able to receive a range of support including home help, meal support, shopping services, a lifeline pendant, footcare, mobility aids and home adaptations, social groups or befriending services and advice on keeping warm.

Who will benefit?
Over 18s who professionals feel could benefit from wellbeing checks at home.

How much does it cost?
This service is currently being run free of charge in West Sussex, Brighton & Hove.


How do I get this service?

Patients will either be invited by their practice to receive the service, or an NHS health professional in the community or hospital team will make a referral. AUKWSBH will then contact the patient by telephone, usually within 24 hours.

How the referral process works
To access this service a referral should be made via the NHS.

  1. Healthcare Professional identifies over 18s who:
    • are at risk of falls
    • might have difficulty with everyday household tasks e.g. cleaning, shopping
    • might be at risk of loneliness or isolation
  2. Refers to Home Wellbeing Service (HWS) which calls client within 24 hours to arrange a wellbeing check and home appraisal.

  3. Wellbeing check and home appraisal take place.

  4. Support is put in place e.g.
    • home help, shopping services or meal support
    • a lifeline pendant, mobility aids or home adaptations
    • footcare
    • social groups or befriending services
    • energy saving advice and equipment
    • referral to a specialist service

Want to find out more?

Call: 01903 738 305

Click here to download our leaflet

This service is being run by Age UK West Sussex, Brighton & Hove in partnership with NHS health services in Sussex.

We aim to provide people with the help they need so that they feel supported, well and safe at home.