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Rebecca's Story

Rebecca was in her late 50s when she got divorced after being married for nearly 20 years. She wanted a new relationship, and so decided to give online dating a go. She was nervous about this, but after a few online exchanges, she “clicked” with a new man. They got on well at first but after a few months, both realised that they weren’t quite right for each other and so ended the relationship.  

A few weeks after this, Rebecca started to feel a bit unwell, but put it down to fatigue caused by working long hours.  She saw a leaflet about HIV testing at her GP surgery which prompted her to get a test. Helen didn’t expect to be HIV positive as she didn’t consider she had done anything too risky, so was really shocked to find out that she had HIV.

Initially, she was unable to tell her family as she felt they would reject her; all she knew about HIV was from the frightening adverts of the 1980s. Rebecca started treatment for HIV and after an improvement in her overall health and some specialist counselling, she now feels able to talk to others about her HIV and the importance of testing.