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The Home from Hospital service provides short-term support to older people who have returned home after a stay in hospital.

It is a temporary service designed to help with everyday tasks until the client feels able to cope on their own again.

The aim of the service is to provide a short-term support service to older people being discharged from hospital to help them with everyday practical tasks until they're able to manage on their own again.  

We can:

  • Assist you with any immediate practical difficulties such as arranging appointments; collecting a prescription/essential shopping and housework or attending to outstanding correspondence
  • Help you regain confidence and your independent living skills
  • Support you to resume your interests/activities
  • Help you find long-term solutions to things like shopping, housework or transport
  • Give you information about other Age UK Wiltshire services and/or other organisations that could help you

We support you to obtain long-term solutions to managing practical tasks rather than creating a reliance on our services.

The service is available for Wiltshire (but not Swindon) residents due to be discharged from:

  • Royal United Hospital, Bath
  • Great Western Hospital, Swindon
  • Salisbury Foundation Trust, Salisbury

Accessing the service:

If you feel this service is appropriate for you or a member of your family please speak to the discharge team or ward staff at Great Western Hospital (Swindon), Royal United Hospital (Bath) or Salisbury District Hospital before you are discharged. 

If you are an existing Home from Hospital patient making enquiries about the support you are receiving or wishing to change an appointment/visit please contact the Home from Hospital Service Manager on 07500 137 135.

What if I'm not eligible or want another similar service?

Salisbury Hospital- Discharge Centre

Great Western Hospital guide- Leaving hospital

RVS Swindon Home from Hospital Service for patients being discharged from GWH and living in Swindon county. Tel: 01793 466617 / 07342 076383. Update June 2021 - this service is currently on hold.

SwindonMHA - If a Swindon older person in hospital has no family, friends or neighbours, SwindonMHA may be able to assist them to return home. They work with GP practices, hospital discharge and re-enablement teams and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to support older people adjust and settle back at home after a period in hospital.

RUH Bath- Going home 

Age UK info guide - Your hospital stay

Useful information guides

Age UK produce a range of useful information guides and factsheets that can be viewed and downloaded from the Age UK website:

All Age UK guides and factsheets

Alternatively you can order hard copies by phoning Age UK's national advice line on 0800 169 65 65.