As people get older they can be faced with a number of conditions that make it difficult to reach their feet and cut their toenails. Poor eyesight, arthritis and the inability to bend and move freely are just some of them.

We provide a simple nail cutting service.

Who is the service for?

The service is for people over the age of 50 who are unable to cut their own toe nails. Our service aims to do what you would do for yourself if you were able or what you would ask a caring relative or friend to do. We cannot treat corns, bunions, fungal infections etc. In these circumstances we would suggest that you seek advice from your GP, a qualified podiatrist or a pharmacist.

Where do we operate?

We run a number of clinics across Wiltshire. We may not be able to offer appointments at all our clinics due to high demand for our service in some areas.

We are unable to offer home visits.

Our clinics

Each clinic is held on a regular basis every 1-4 weeks, depending on the location and demand for the service in that area.

Royal Wootton Bassett

For more information about the days and times our clinics operate please call our Devizes office on 01380 727 767 or call our Salisbury office on 01722 335 425

Can anyone attend a clinic?

It is very important that we assess if someone is suitable for our service because we would not wish to harm you in any way but also because if you have other difficulties with your feet you may qualify for treatment from the local NHS Podiatry Service.

The service is currently unable to accept people who are Diabetic, Haemophiliac or taking certain anti-coagulant drugs such as Warfarin, other existing medical conditions may require us to contact your GP to ask if they can confirm suitability for our service.

How do you run the service?

We are able to run this service with a team of staff and volunteers who have undertaken suitable training with qualified podiatrists. The team is supported in running the clinics by a dedicated team of volunteer receptionists.


Once we are sure that it is safe for us to offer a service to someone they will be asked to purchase their own equipment from us at a one-off cost of approximately £10 (unless they have suitable ones of their own). This equipment will be kept by you and used only for your treatment. It will need to be brought to each appointment. Without this equipment we will be unable to cut your nails.

How much does each appointment cost?

The cost per person per visit will be £14 and most people attend every 6-12 weeks depending on how fast their toenails grow. Appointments more often than 8 weekly will only be offered if our nail cutters determine that this is medically/physically necessary. Our service costs are not fully met by the charges made to service users & therefore the service is delivered within NHS funding guidelines. Please consider making additional arrangements to have your nails cut if you do not think this will suit you.

If you would have genuine difficulty meeting the cost of appointments please contact us. Our support service has details of a number of charities that may be able to help and they can also check that you are claiming all the benefits for which you are eligible.

We ask that people using the service pay either by cheque or are invoiced for their appointments. If this would cause you difficulties then please discuss it with us.

Using the service

If you would like to use this service please email our office at or by post to Age UK Wiltshire, Cromwell House, 31 Market Place, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 1JG. Alternatively, please call our office on 01380 727 767.

This service is supported by Wiltshire County Council and NHS Wiltshire, Order of St John, Westlea Housing Association, Selwood Housing Association and Ridgeway Housing Association.