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Pol 1 Age UK Mem Arts July 2016.pdf

Pol 2 Sickness absence management & self-certification form

Pol 3 Acknowledgement - General Induction Pack

Pol 4 Special and Annual Leave

Pol 5 Anti-bribery

Pol  06 Ethical Charging Policy

Pol 7 Purchasing and Procurement

Pol 8 Compliments, Comments and Complaints Policy and Procedure

Pol 09 Confidentiality

Pol 10 Record Retention

Pol 11 Conflict of Interest

Pol 12 Data Protection Retention and Confidentiality

Pol 13 Boundaries policy

Pol 14 Disability Discrimination Policy and DDA Notes

Pol 15 Disciplinary policy

Pol 16 Business Continuity Plan

Pol 18 Environmental Policy

Pol 19 Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy

Pol 20 Employment, renumeration and pensions

Pol 23 Grievance Procedure

Pol 24 Dignity Code

Pol 25 Do Not Resuscitate

Pol 26 Handling and Moving Policy

Pol 28 Shops and tills

Pol 29 Harassment and Bullying Policy

Pol 30 Health and Safety Policy

Pol 31 Home Working Policy

Pol 32 Anti Modern Slavery Policy

Pol 33 ICT policy

Pol 34 Transport Policy

Pol 36 Lone working Policy

Pol 37 Family leave and pay policy

Pol 38 Medication Policy

Pol 39 Infection Control Policy

Pol 40 Smoking Arrangements

Pol 46 Aggression by members of the public.

Pol 47 Service Provision Changes

Pol 49 Archive Policy

Pol 50 Recruitment and Selection Policy

Pol 52 Redundancy Policy

Pol 54 Safeguarding older peopl

Pol 56 Best Office Practice Policy

Pol 58 Supervision

Pol 60 Training Development Procedure

Pol 63 Volunteer Policy

Policy 65 Whistleblowing

Pol 66 Finance Policy

Pol 69 Income policy

Pol 71 Anti Money Laundering Policy

Pol 72 Physical restraint And Contact Policy

Pol 73 Day clubs,outings and minibuses

Pol 74 Food safety Policy

Pol 76 Quality policy

Pol 77 Child Protection

Pol 80 Trustee's Policy

Pol 79 Trustees Finance Policy

Pol 82 Terms of reference Management Support group Finance Sub

Self Certification Form (Word Version)

Self Certification Form (PDF version)