Chat is a vital part of life

We want to build a vibrant online community where we can make new friends, find people who share our interests, join groups, swap information and experiences, share a joke, voice our opinions, and have our own space online.

You can chat to others and get involved with Age UK in several other ways:

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Join Age UK on one of the world's most popular social networking sites, and you can stay updated about our work and events and let us know your thoughts by writing on our Wall.
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Chat to like-minded older people on Gransnet

Want to talk to like-minded people online? Why not go and chat on Gransnet?

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Age UK is working with Gransnet to create some great opportunities for older people to meet online, exchange knowledge, experience and swap stories.

What is Gransnet?


Gransnet logoWhat is Gransnet?

Gransnet is the social networking site for Britain's 14 million grandparents. It was launched in May 2011 and its forums cover news, culture, health, relationships, learning, food, gardening, memories and more.

Discussions range from ageism in the NHS to coping with daughters-in-law; from childhood sweets and games to recovering from betrayal; from what the government should do about social care to the joys of winter.

What does it offer?

The specially-hosted Age UK forums on Gransnet are like an extra arm of the site. They're a place to meet like-minded people, exchange views and swap experiences and stories.

You'll need to register as a Gransnet member to post messages on the forums, but after that you can talk about whatever you like. 

Why is Age UK working with Gransnet?

Age UK and Gransnet share the common ambition of bringing older people together.

Age UK is working with Gransnet to create opportunities to chat to like-minded souls online. So if you want to swap stories, share knowledge or just have a chinwag, we think Gransnet is a great place to start.

How do I find out more?

Visit the opens link in new window opens link in new window Gransnet website and get clicking and chatting.

Online groups in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

Age Scotland, Age Cymru, and Age NI have their own social media groups. To get involved with these groups, please click on the relevant link below:

Visit Age Scotland's chat page

Visit Age Cymru's chat page

Visit Age NI's chat page

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