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Community groups' fight for survival

02 March 2017

Group of older people chatting in a coffee shop

We’re always being asked to suggest places where older people can go to socialise – it’s one of the most popular questions our Advice & Information team and Befrienders are asked.


But unfortunately, the number of community groups that we can refer people to is decreasing. Faced with obstacles such as dwindling support and a lack of funding, they are increasingly at risk of closure


For example, we were recently told about ‘House Bound’, a Blaenymaes-based community group which supports older people and disabled people to meet and socialise with one another. ‘House Bound’ was at risk of closure but has recently been saved by some local volunteers. 


Groups like ‘House Bound’ provide essential services which help keep people connected and involved in their communities, and are often run by local people for local people. We know that they are valued by the people that they support; people who might otherwise face long periods of loneliness and isolation. 


So we’re working hard to find ways that we can help these groups survive; we will keep on referring older people to these services, and we can promote the groups and their activities across our online platforms. 


But we can’t do these things if we don’t know these groups exist, so please: if you volunteer with or are supported by a community group that could do with a boost in numbers or publicity, let us know.


Contact us on 01792 64 88 66 or email and we will try our best to help you.