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Isolation and loneliness grants

Isolation and loneliness has been an area of key activity for Age Cymru. We’re offering small grants (of up to £1000) to provide funding for activities in local communities that could be established to mitigate isolation and loneliness.


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We all want to remain independent for as long as possible - our HandyVan service can help you do this.

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Every donation is truly valued as it really makes a difference to us continuing our work with and for older people.

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How you can get involved with Age Cymru

Jenny and James

Our volunteers give hundreds of thousands of hours of support every year. We've a number of exciting and varied volunteering opportunities.

Help us create an age friendly Wales today. In an age friendly Wales, you will not experience barriers to independent living.

Low Impact Functional Training (LIFT) is a series of activities and games designed to get older people taking part in physical activity in your local community.

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