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LIFT - Low Impact Functional Training

Exercise at home

Hopefully you will find these resources useful to help maintain a healthy and active life when we are all spending more time at home.

If you've not done physical activity for a while, you may want to get the all clear from the doctor before starting.

LIFT – Low Impact Functional Training is a series of exercises to keep older people active, it will help strengthen your heart and lungs, muscles, flexibility and balance.

LIFT – Low Impact Functional Training is suitable for everyone and can be followed both seated and standing.

If you're using a chair make sure it's stable, solid and without wheels. You should be able to sit with feet flat on the floor and knees bent at right angles. Avoid chairs with arms as this might restrict your movements. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and keep some water handy.

Build up slowly and only work at a pace comfortable for you.

Abi - Low Impact Functional Training

Introduction to Low Impact Functional Training (LIFT) and warm-up

Part Two

Part three

Viv - LIFT

Helpful downloads

You may find these documents useful for helping before, during and after your exercise.

LIFT is a series of activities and games designed to get older people taking part in physical activity in your local community. The session are fun and enjoyable and everyone who comes along has a good time.

All of the exercises are done using safe seated and standing exercises so you can always work at a level that's comfortable for you. The sessions are also designed specifically for people who are 50+ so it's never too late to get started.

It's a physical activity that can help you improve your own health and wellbeing in a safe and sociable manner.

People attending a LIFT class

Check with your doctor

We recommend that you check with your doctor before you begin any new form of exercise.

For information on sessions taking place in your local area please contact Age Cymru on 029 2043 1555 or email us


Last updated: Feb 04 2021

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