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Psychological or emotional abuse

Psychological or emotional abuse includes threats of harm or abandonment, deprivation of contact, humiliation, blaming, controlling, intimidation, coercion, harassment, verbal abuse, isolation or withdrawal from services or supportive networks.

Possible signs of emotional / psychological abuse

  • A carer or family member deliberately isolating the adult who needs care and support, and refusing without good reason to allow them to see other people without them being present
  • Hesitation in, and fear of, talking openly about concerns
  • Anger, emotional distress or agitation without an apparent cause
  • Sudden changes in behaviour and personality (such as the person becoming extremely withdrawn and non-communicative or nonresponsive)
  • Unusual self-comforting or self-harming behaviour (sucking, biting or rocking)
  • The adult who needs care and support telling you they are being verbally or emotionally abused. 


Last updated: Mar 08 2024

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