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This is Older

We're pleased to share our This is Older stock image library. You can view the images and download them, by accessing our Unsplash page

This is Older was funded by Arts Council of Wales, to provide images that represent the diversity and experience of older people in Wales.

We need to consider the fact that we are all ageing, rather than thinking of age as a far-off destination. This helps to reduce the ‘othering’ of older people. We need to also recognise that older people are not one homogenous group and are as diverse in their lives and lifestyles as any other age group.

We can work harder to gain consent from people to ensure that we show the whole person in images. It is dehumanising to only show their hands, for example. There is also a huge amount of power in someones face.

We need to be cautious about defining someone by their income from the state, eg ‘Pensioner’ and consider whether we are reinforcing stereotypes with the language we use. Are you promoting the dangerous stereotype of dependence or infirmity when it isn’t part of the story?

We need to give older people a voice which will help to break down inter-generational barriers, defeat stereotypes and enable people to see themselves reflected in real-life, everyday scenarios.

We can promote the full spectrum of older peoples experiences, not just the extremes. This includes the intersectionality of older people of different backgrounds, races and sexual orientations.

A collective voice is a powerful voice. Show us your accurate portrayals of older people, help us to spread the word and tackle ageism by using #ThisIsOlder

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