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Tell me more - care home resident engagement project

The last year has been heartbreaking for many care home residents. Their families and friends have had limited time to see them and they have been severely affected by the effects of Covid-19. Outside agencies have had limited access to care homes and the voices of care home residents have not been heard as they might have been before.

The Tell Me More Project, funded by Welsh Government is all about reaching into care home settings and hearing from the residents so they can share their experiences and hopes for the future.

The project recorded people’s voices via Zoom video and recoded resident’s faces in the form of 2D and 3D portraits made by the two project art-practitioners, Emma Prentice and Jon Ratigan. Since the making of the film, sadly one of the participants Lewis has passed away. Everyone involved in this project and at Age Cymru send our thoughts and condolences to Lewis’ family, friends and all at Albert Edward Prince of Wales Court.

This short animation brings together these two elements in an interesting way, hopefully it will help us to share these important views, stories and insights with a wider audience; as the project continues, we aim to add to these animations to make a much bigger film which will represent resident’s voices from across the whole of Wales.

Mae'r flwyddyn ddiwethaf wedi bod yn dorcalonnus i nifer o breswylwyr cartrefi gofal. Prin y cawsant weld eu teuluoedd a'u ffrindiau ac maent wedi dioddef yn ddifrifol yn sgil effeithiau Covid-19. Mae asiantaethau allanol wedi cael mynediad cyfyngedig i gartrefi gofal ac nid yw lleisiau preswylwyr cartrefi gofal wedi cael sylw fel y cawsant yn flaenorol.

Mae'r Prosiect Tell Me More, sy'n cael ei ariannu gan Lywodraeth Cymru i ymateb i'r Cynllun Gweithredu Cartrefi Gofal, yn ymwneud â chyrraedd lleoliadau cartrefi gofal a chlywed gan y preswylwyr er mwyn iddynt allu rhannu eu profiadau o Covid-19 a'u gobeithion ar gyfer y dyfodol.

Fel rhan o'r prosiect Tell Me More, recordiwyd lleisiau pobl dros fideo Zoom a recordiwyd wynebau preswylwyr ar ffurf portreadau 2D a 3D gan ddau ymarferwr celf y prosiect, Emma Prentice a Jon Ratigan.

Mae'r animeiddiad byr hwn yn ein cynorthwyo ni i rannu'r safbwyntiau, straeon a dealltwriaethau pwysig hyn gyda chynulleidfa ehangach.
Wrth i'r prosiect barhau, ein nod yw ychwanegu at yr animeiddiadau hyn i wneud ffilm fwy mewn hyd yn oed mwy o gyfryngau amrywiol, a fydd yn cynrychioli preswylwyr Cymraeg a Saesneg ledled Cymru.

Tell Me More Reports, flyers and consent forms

More about the project and future plans. Mwy o gefndir y prosiect a chynlluniau ar gyfer y dyfodol.

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