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Find out more information about the campaigns we're currently working on at Age Cymru and how you can get involved.

  • Access to banking

    With the volume and rapidness of bank branch closures, Age Cymru is increasingly concerned about the detrimental impact this is having on the ability of many older people to access their personal finances.
  • Advance care planning

    We’re likely to live around a fifth of our lives with some form of ill health. Making sure our loved ones know how we wish to be cared if we become frail helps them make the right decisions if you're later not able to let them know.
  • Changes to landline telephones

    The UK’s telephone network is being upgraded, which means that landline services are changing. You’ll still be able to have a landline in your home, but the technology that powers it will be a bit different and you may need to upgrade some of your equipment.
  • Get winter ready with Age Cymru and Nest

    Age Cymru and Nest are working together to support older people to get winter ready
  • Making hospital discharge safe

    Not everyone needs help after being in hospital, but many do. For those that need help it’s important that you know what help you may need and where to get it. Knowing yours and your loved one’s rights helps you get help needed to aid recovery.
  • Why are we still waiting? Delays in social care

    This is Age Cymru’s second annual report on delays in access to social care in Wales for people aged 55 and over.


Last updated: Apr 24 2024

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