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Health & wellbeing

Get information on age-related health conditions, tips and advice on staying fit and healthy, as well as information on dealing with health services and leaving hospital.


  • Health services

    From your rights to certain care, to what it's like going into hospital, we've got you covered.
  • Fitness

    Want to improve your fitness but don't know where to start? Find out what exercise might suit you.
  • Spread the Warmth

    Spread the Warmth is Age Cymru's campaign to prevent thousands of older people in Wales suffering needlessly this winter.
  • Relationships and family

    As you get older your relationships carry more meaning and you may begin to lose lifelong friends.
  • Loneliness

    Loneliness can define our lives and harm our health. Get advice and support to improve your situation.
  • Your mental wellbeing

    Feeling well is not just about being physically fit and healthy – it’s equally important to your overall health that you feel good mentally.
  • Safeguarding older people from abuse and/or neglect

    We have a detailed factsheet which covers what to do if you are an older person who is being abused or neglected, or may be at risk of this; or you are concerned on an older person’s behalf that they are being abused. The information in the factsheet aims to raise awareness and understanding of the issue of abuse; provide details on approaches to safeguarding – including relevant legislation, statutory guidance and policies – together with practical steps that can be taken to stop abuse. It also outlines help and support that may be available to report abuse.

Stay warm this winter

Follow our simple suggestions to stay healthy, safe and comfortable this winter.

For more information call Age Cymru Advice on 0300 303 44 98

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