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Complaining about NHS services

You have the right to expect good quality services from the NHS. If you’re unhappy with the service or care you receive, or feel you have been treated unfairly, you can make a complaint.

There is a two-stage system for resolving complaints about the NHS in Wales:

Stage one

This stage will involve a local investigation by the body concerned, using the formal complaints procedure if required. The Welsh Government has produced guidance, ‘Putting Things Right’, which details how NHS bodies in Wales should handle complaints or concerns which are raised with them.

Stage two

This will involve taking your complaint to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales, if you remain dissatisfied following the local investigation.

We have a factsheet which explains the complaint process in more detail (see below), including what to expect when you submit a complaint. 

Your local Community Health Council may be able to support you to raise your concerns. Community Health Councils are a statutory and independent NHS ‘watchdog’ whose role is to represent the interests of the public in the health service in their area. Each CHC will run a Complaints Advocacy Service.

Factsheet 66w: Resolving problems and making a complaint about NHS care in Wales

For more information call Age Cymru Advice on 0300 303 44 98


Last updated: May 04 2023

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