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Wales Against Scams Partnership

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WASP – a major partnership committed to protecting against scams

The Wales Against Scams Partnership (WASP) is a partnership of organisations that are commitmed to fight against scams and fraud.

WASP was founded jointly by Age Cymru and the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales with the aim of making Wales more hostile to those who would scam older and vulnerable people. Its members includes Trading Standards, Scambusters, Get Safe Online, Welsh police forces, Welsh Local Government Association, the Information Commissioner’s Office, and Barclays Bank, Lloyds Bank, Halifax and British Gas.

The group’s aim is to make Wales a safer place for vulnerable people by working as a partnership of organisations that can influence change in areas where scammers currently operate. This includes on the doorstep, by phone, by post and online.

WASP has produced a charter which sets out the commitments we have collectively made to build a Wales that is more hostile to scams.

The impact of scams

Being scammed or targeted by fraud can have a devastating impact on some of the most vulnerable people in Wales.

Scams target everyone and all of us could fall prey to them. At least 150,000 people in Wales are believed to become victims of scams each year.

In general older people suffer twice the detriment that younger people do and it is estimated that older victims lose on average £1,200 each. Some people are additionally vulnerable for a variety of reasons, including poverty, isolation, frailty, cognitive impairment and because they are specifically targeted.

We want to help create barriers that keep scams away from people. This will not be easy and we believe working in partnership is essential so we can share our knowledge of financial fraud and develop solutions.

We want Wales to be seen as a place where scammers and doorstep criminals do not flourish. We want to lead the rest of the UK in blocking those who want to scam and steal money from the most vulnerable people in our society.

The founding partners of WASP are:

Age Cymru;
Older People’s Commissioner for Wales;
British Gas;
Crimestoppers Wales/Cymru;
Get Safe Online;
Gwent Police;
Gwent Office of Police and Crime Commissioner;
Information Commissioner’s Office;
Lloyds Bank;
National Trading Standards Scams Team;
South Wales Police;
South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner;
Wales Heads of Trading Standards.

Join us!

We want the WASP partnership to grow to an even wider range of organisations that can contribute to the fight against scams and fraud.

If you or your organisation can play a role in protecting your customers or the general public we would be delighted to hear from you:



The Wales Against Scams Partnership (WASP)

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