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Gwanwyn is a month-long national festival held across Wales in May each year celebrating creativity in older age.

We're delighted to announce Gwanwyn is back in 2021.

Gwanwyn means spring in Welsh, and celebrates older age as a time of opportunity for renewal, growth and creativity. Our aim is to offer opportunities for greater participation by older people in the arts, whether visual arts, drama, storytelling, music, literature, photography, dance or film.

The festival offers opportunities for older people to become involved in arts and creative activities either as practitioners, organisers or audience members. Gwanwyn also helps older people to recognise the benefits that being creative can bring to their health and well-being.

It also challenges preconceived and stereotypical ideas of ageing and older people and, at the same time, encourage artists throughout Wales to reflect the lives of older people and the communities in which they live.

This years Gwanwyn festival is holding some fantastic opportunities for older people to get involved in communities across Wales. Despite the limitations imposed by the pandemic, the range of activities this year is as wide as ever featuring Zoom dance classes and home based singing sessions to postcard workshops and patient based art in a hospital setting and much else.

For details of what's happening in your area please visit the events page on the Gwanwyn website.

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We also have special projects like cARTrefu and In Your Mind’s Eye, which promote the participation of older people in the arts throughout the year.

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