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Financial abuse

Financial abuse includes theft, fraud, exploitation, pressure in connection with wills, property, inheritance or financial transactions, or the misuse or misappropriation of property, possessions or benefits.

Possible indicators of financial abuse

  • Sudden changes in bank accounts, unexplained withdrawals of large sums of money or credit/debit expenditure (particularly where there is no evidence that expenditure is for the benefit of the adult)
  • The unexplained disappearance of valuable possessions
  • Excessive amounts of money being expended on the care of the adult with no apparent return
  • Abrupt changes to or creation of wills
  • Unpaid bills, rent and other accumulation of debt when someone is supposed to be paying the bills on behalf of an adult who needs care and support
  • Lack of adequate provisions, clothing and other possessions that the person should be able to afford
  • Undue pressure and coercion in connection with financial expenditure
  • The adult who needs care and support telling you that they are being financially abused or exploited
  • Unexplained loss or misplacement of financial documents
  • The recent addition of authorised signatories on a client or donor's signature card
  • Sudden or unexpected changes in a will or other financial documents.


Last updated: Mar 08 2024

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