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Armed Forces pensions

We’re campaigning to raise awareness of unclaimed Armed Forces pensions amongst people aged 60 or over in Wales, who could be benefitting from this scheme.

Armed Forces pensions could be going unclaimed by thousands of veterans in Wales each year – support which rightfully belongs to those who have served their country, and which could help transform their lives.

Our research suggests almost one in five (17%) veterans in Wales who could be entitled to the Armed Forces pension aren’t claiming. That’s money which could help towards a better quality of life. We know through our work with veterans that many of them are proud people who may not like making claims. But eligible veterans have already paid into the pension scheme, so it is therefore rightfully theirs to claim.

We are also encouraging veterans who believe they may have an injury or illness which was caused or made worse by service before 6th April 2005, to find out if they are eligible for financial support through a War Pension.

What is the Armed Forces pension scheme?

All serving members of the Armed Forces from 1 April 1975 were automatically enrolled into the Armed Forces pension scheme and will have
paid regular contributions from their wages towards a final pension pot which, if they are eligible, becomes available when they turn 60.

The amount an individual is eligible for depends on when they served and how long for.

Who can claim?

If an individual was a serving member of the UK Armed Forces after 1 April 1975 and is now aged 60 or over, they may be eligible to claim an Armed Forces pension. They don’t have to have seen combat during their time in the Armed Forces to be eligible. The pension becomes available when they turn 60 but they won’t receive it automatically, they’ll have to actively make a claim.

What is the War Pension scheme and who can claim?

If an individual believes they have an injury, illness or condition caused or made worse by Service before 6 April 2005, they may be able to claim through the War Pension scheme, which is administered by Veterans UK and paid by the Ministry of Defence (MOD). They can claim for injuries or illness that occurred during their service, including during activities such as training and
recognised sports, they don’t need to have been caused by conflict. They won’t need to prove anyone was to blame, just that their injury, illness
or condition was caused or made worse by service

What’s next?

Finding out whether an individual is eligible to claim is easy. For the Armed Forces pension, they’ll just need to call the Veteran’s Welfare Service
on 0800 0853600. The team will take them through some simple questions, tell them if they might be eligible and help with their application.

To find out if they’re eligible to claim the War Pension, they can call the War Pensions team at the Veteran’s Welfare Service on 0808 191218.

For further information and to download the relevant forms, they can go to:


Last updated: Jan 12 2023

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