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NHS services in Wales and help with health costs

Information on NHS services for older people in Wales

We produce a factsheet, which you can access below, on NHS services. This includes information on topics such as GP services, referrals to an NHS consultant, NHS continence services, specific NHS services for older people and NHS screening programmes. Also, NHS 111 Wales have a search facility where you can find local services in your area, such as GPs, dental services, hospitals, A&E and pharmacies. You can search via your postcode or town/city.

Help with NHS health costs in Wales

Most NHS services are free to everyone, but there may be charges for dental treatment, glasses and contact lenses. Our factsheet covers NHS services which are free for everyone over a certain age, such as the annual flu (influenza) vaccination for people aged over 65; NHS services that are automatically free if you receive Pension Credit Guarantee Credit (PCGC) and the NHS Low Income Scheme (under which you may be eligible for full or partial help with certain health costs if you have a relatively low income, but do not receive PCGC).

For more information call Age Cymru Advice on 0300 303 44 98


Last updated: Jul 31 2023

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