Over 8,000 people aged 50+ in Swansea will have no contact with anyone this week. 

Drinking more alcohol
Not being able to concentrate on anything
A lack of appetite or over eating
Being irritable with people
Feeling worthle

The problem of loneliness in later life

More than 1 in 10 people aged 65+ say that they always or often feel lonely. Recent studies have shown that loneliness can be very damaging to a person’s mental and physical health:

  • Loneliness can be more harmful than smoking 15 cigarettes a day
  • Loneliness increases the risk of premature death by 30%
  • Loneliness increases the chances of developing dementia by 64%

Our Floating Support Scheme

We support people aged 55 or over who are feeling lonely by keeping them connected with their family, friends and the local community.

Our staff can provide advice and support to help people who live alone get to grips with the daily household tasks, such as paying bills or keeping the house in order.

Supported by a team of 60 volunteer befrienders we provide someone to talk to on a regular basis either face to face or over the phone.

Call In Time telephone friendship service

Our new telephone friendship service provides a regular weekly chat on the telephone with a friendly volunteer.

Volunteers and clients are matched on the basis of shared interests, and many of our members and volunteers build up fantastic friendships over the phone.

Loneliness can be overcome. For more information or to arrange for us to come and see you to talk about what we can offer contact us.

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