We are a local, independent charity which, since 1973, has integrated into Island life.  Our mission is to enable local older people to improve their quality of life, whatever their situation. 

We deliver over 20 person-centred services offering practical and/or emotional support with a focus on 3 broad themes to improve quality of life and maintain independence; increasing income, reducing loneliness/isolation and keeping well.  

Annual Report 2015-16

Our latest Annual Report will give you a brief overview of our achievements and accounts. 

Click here to download our Annual Report & Accounts 2015-16

To be sent a copy please email ben.rust@ageukiw.org.uk or phone (01983) 525282.

Our Quality Standards 

Age UK Isle of Wight is committed to the ongoing development of quality assurance management in all parts of the organisation.

First and foremost, Age UK Isle of Wight aims to meet the expectations of the older people and their carers with whom we work. It also needs to meet the expectations of our funders and donors and the expectations of the statutory bodies which regulate us.

Age UK Isle of Wight also has a large volunteer force, whose expectations we also need to meet. We are committed to the fulfilment of people’s expectations of us as the foremost organisation serving older people in the Isle of Wight.

In order to demonstrate the quality of what Age UK Isle of Wight does, we are developing an overall quality assurance system that ensures that certain standards are met and gives a professional focus to all our activities.

  1. We have achieved ISO 9001 200 qualification. This is an internationally recognised, prestigious award for quality.
  2. "Quality Counts" - the Age UK Quality Framework. There are currently seven standards that have to be met under the Age UK Quality Framework: 
  • Involving Older People 
  • Diversity and Equality 
  • Volunteering 
  • Governance and Management 
  • Information and Advice 
  • Service Provision and Campaigning 
  • Partnership

Our Data Protection Policy

Age UK Isle of Wight needs to gather and use certain information about individuals. These can include customers, suppliers, business contacts, employees and other people the organisation has a relationship with or may need to contact.

Please see below for our Data Protection Statement and Policy on how this personal data will be collected, handled and stored to meet the Charity’s data protection standards, and to comply with the law.

Age UK Isle of Wight Data Protection Statement
Age UK Isle of Wight Data Protection Policy

Internal Audits, Evaluation & Monitoring

Internal audits regularly updated according to new legislation and national minimum standards are undertaken regularly by the Quality Manager over all the quality standards that we hold. Areas of non-compliance and areas for improvement are acted upon and monitored.

  • Customer service questionnaires are carried out throughout all parts of the organisation and all projects as demanded by the particular project. These are analysed and any trends noted and dealt with.
  • All externally funded projects carry their own inputs and outputs that are regularly monitored and evaluated.
  • A Quality Management Group meets to raise the profile of quality issues and to facilitate systems. Attendees include staff from all parts of the organization.
  • Comprehensive Volunteer Procedures cover all aspects of volunteering within Age UK Isle of Wight which are beneficial to both the organisation and to volunteerfs themselves in terms of policies, procedures and practice and expectations on both sides.
  • All policies and procedures are updated on an approximately 15 month cyclical basis and ratified by the Board of Trustees. 

There are many strands to quality within Age UK Isle of Wight. We bring all these together and make sure that not only do these strands fulfil all the demands of the federation and our funders but above all, we ensure that quality is at the heart of the organisation and that the organisation fulfils the expectations of all those who come into contact with us in whatever way.