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Five Star Car Insurance from £185*

*10% of all new customers who took out an Age UK comprehensive car insurance policy between Jul 2016 and Dec 2016, paid £185 or less.

Lines open Mon - Fri: 8am to 8pm, Sat: 9am to 5pm. Calls may be recorded.
Age UK Car Insurance is administered by Ageas Retail Limited. Brought to you by Age UK Enterprises Limited.

Buying Age UK Car Insurance supports Age UK’s charitable work.

See if you too could save money with Age UK Car Insurance, which is designed for the over 50s.  Your driving needs may change over your lifetime, so reviewing what you are currently paying for insurance makes sense. 

Age UK Car Insurance offers a range of features to meet your driving needs, including comprehensive, third-party fire and theft and third-party only - please call using the number above if you require assistance or further information.

Taking out your car insurance has got to be the best online experience I have had in years. Excellent service, brilliant value, all easy to read and use!
Mrs Speak, Leeds | Car Insurance Customer 2016

Age UK Car Insurance offers:

  • Pay monthly at no extra cost (0% APR Representative)
  • No upper age limit – you can get motor insurance if you are over 50, 60, 70, 80 or even 90 years old
  • No admin fees to pay
  • Guaranteed courtesy car - if you have comprehensive cover - following an accident or if damaged after a theft, whilst your car is being repaired by an approved repairer 
  • Guaranteed courtesy car for up to 14 days (comprehensive cover only) - if your car is uneconomical to repair following an accident or if it is stolen and not recovered 
  • Award-winning insurer **
  • 24-hour accident helpline


And there's more:

  • Protected No Claim Discount is automatically included (if you have at least four years No Claim Discount nor made more than 1 fault claim in the past 3 years)
  • Message relay service - a friend or relative can be contacted so they are aware of your situation if you have an accident
  • Get you Home Service*** - if your car is not roadworthy after an accident, this motor insurance can make arrangements to get you home or to your planned destination
  • Unlimited windscreen cover***
  • Cover for permanently fitted audio equipment
  • European cover for up to 180 days per year
  • Optional key protection cover
  • Optional excess protection cover
  • Optional motor legal protection cover provided by Arc Legal Assistance Limited
  • Motor breakdown cover is also available; provided by Intana Assistance

If you have already started a quote, the details have been saved for you, retrieve your quote here.

See how Age UK Car Insurance compares

Age UK over 50s car insurance offers you both protection and peace of mind with many great quality benefits. Catering for the over 50s, Age UK Car Insurance takes into account the concerns and needs of those later in life. With no admin charges and absolutely no upper age limit, you can rely on Age UK Car Insurance.

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Age UK Car Insurance


Castle Cover

AA (non members)

Instalment charge @ 0%
(APR representative)

Cancellation fees

£0 £50 £50 £30
European cover at no extra cost 180 days 90 days 93 days 90 days

Information sourced on 23 January 2017 for new online policies from Defaqto Matrix.

What your policy will cover

Age UK Car Insurance includes the following features and benefits 

In addition to this summary of cover, please refer to the policy booklet for terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. Age UK Car Insurance also offers Third Party Fire & Theft - terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions for these cover types will be found in the policy booklet



Significant limitations

Liabilities to third parties Yes £20,000,000 limit for third party property damage.
Use of your car in European Union Yes Maximum 180 days in any one period of insurance.
Driving a car that does not belong to you Yes Cover only applies for the policyholder and if shown on the certificate of motor insurance. Cover is Third Party only.
Accidental or malicious damage to your own car Yes Market value. Subject to excesses. Additional excesses for young or inexperienced drivers. New car replacement.
Damage to own car by fire or theft Yes Market value. £100 excess. New car replacement.
Audio, navigation, entertainment and telephone equipment Yes Cover only applies to equipment permanently fitted to the car.
Personal belongings Yes Up to £300.
Damaged windows or windscreen Yes £50 replacement excess. Cover is limited to £250 after the deduction of the excess if the approved glassline is not used. If your windscreen can be repaired, your excess will be waived.
Personal accident and road rage Yes Policyholder, spouse and civil partner: death £5,000; loss of sight or limb £5,000.
Medical expenses Yes Up to £500 each person.

Replacement locks


£100 excess. Up to £500.

Trailer cover Yes Up to £350 if single axle and attached.
Medical emergencies Yes Within 24 hours of emergency occuring.

Significant exclusions


Significant exclusions and limitations

Loss of or damage to, car and personal belongings

• All loss or damage arising from malicious damage, vandalism, fire, theft or attempted theft when no-one is in the car unless all its doors and windows are closed and locked
• All loss or damage arising from malicious damage, vandalism, fire, theft or attempted theft when no-one is in the car unless all keys or devices used to lock the car are removed from it

Loss of or damage to the car

• Extra costs due to parts or replacements not being available in the UK
• Caused by a person known to you taking the car without your permission
• Caused by deception
• New car replacement for cars up to 1 year old and you must be the first and only registered keeper

Driving a car that does not belong to you

• Use outside the UK
• A car registered outside the UK
• If your car is disposed of or damaged beyond economical repair

Audio, navigation, entertainment and telephone equipment

• All loss or damage when no-one is in the car unless all its doors and windows are closed and locked
• All loss or damage when no-one is in the car unless all keys or devices used to lock the car are removed from it

Personal belongings

• Money, business goods and telephones

Damaged windscreen and window glass

• Sun roof and hood mechanisms
• Window and windscreens unless made of glass

Personal accident

• Suicide
• Failure to wear seat belt
• If driving with excess drink/drugs

Trailer cover

• Caravans, trailer tents, horseboxes, vehicle transporters, tipping trailers and food bars
•No cover if unattached

Emergency situations

• Drivers under 25 and inexperienced drivers


Download the car insurance policy booklet (PDF 848 KB)

Policy Options and Optional Extras

Motor Legal Protection

  • Provides up to £100,000 of legal costs that can be used in the event of an accident that is not your fault and where a third party can be identified to claim for uninsured losses and personal injuries
  • For any claim to be pursued there must be more than a 50% chance of success
  • Any costs incurred before we appoint a solicitor will not be covered.
Key Protection
  • Within the core motor insurance policy replacement keys and locks following loss or theft of car keys are covered up to £500 and an excess of £100 would be payable. This Key Protection cover also includes other keys, such as home and office. No limit on the number of claims subject to a maximum of £1,500 in the policy year
  • Lost or stolen keys must be reported to the police and a crime reference number obtained
  • Some claims will require you to pay for the replacement of keys/locks and then seek reimbursement.
Excess Protection
  • Excess Protection will reimburse you the excess you pay following a vehicle theft, fire or fault claim
  • Claims for glass are excluded
  • Excess can only be reimbursed if it's not recoverable from a third party
  • You can make up to 2 claims per policy year subject to a limit of £500 per claim.

How to buy

To get a no-obligation Car Insurance quote designed for the over 50s, please have these details to hand:

Vehicle Details:

  • Registration number
  • Make/Model type
  • Annual mileage - an estimate

Driver/s Details (Main and Additional):

  • Name and Address (including postcode)
  • Date of birth
  • Occupation
  • Type of licence and number of years held
  • Any driving conviction details for the last 5 years for all drivers
  • Any past motor claims by all drivers in the last 5 years
  • No Claims Discount - number of years
  • Policy start date


Below are some of the questions often asked by customers. We hope the answers will be helpful to you

Q.1 How can I pay – annually or in interest-free monthly instalments?
Q.2 What are hidden admin fees?
Q.3 Will I have to pay any additional charges or fees once I have paid the premium?
Q.4 Who is eligible for Age UK Car Insurance and can younger drivers be included on the policy?
Q.5 What is 'No Claims Discount'?
Q.6 Can I protect my 'No Claims Discount'?
Q.7 What do I do if I have an accident?
Q.8 Will I get a courtesy car during repairs?
Q.9 Are the repairs guaranteed?
Q.10 Is Motor legal protection cover available?
Q.11 Is Motor Breakdown cover available?

Q.12 What if I change my mind?

Q.1 How can I pay – annually or in interest-free monthly instalments?

A. You can pay in full by credit or debit card, by cash, cheque or postal order, or pay monthly at no extra cost (0% APR Representative).

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Q.2 What are 'hidden admin fees'?

A. 'Hidden admin fees' can include adjustment fees, cancellation fees and duplicate document fees. Some companies also charge interest (APR) for paying monthly. On top of this, some may charge a 'Direct Debit fee' for monthly payments. Age UK Car Insurance does not charge any hidden admin fees. Age UK Car Insurance allows you to pay monthly at no extra cost (0% APR Representative). There are also no fees for policy amendments, cancelling your policy or getting duplicate copies of your policy documents. 

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Q.3 Will I have to pay any additional charges or fees once I have paid the premium?

A. There are no hidden admin fees. This policy will not make you pay an additional administration fee when you make a change to your policy. Things like requesting a duplicate motor insurance certificate are free. An additional premium will only be requested if your change affects the premium required for the risk (an example of this would be 'adding an additional driver'). Where this is less than £10, a request for additional payment will not be made nor a refund issued.

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Q.4 Who is eligible for Age UK Car Insurance and can young drivers be included on the policy?

A. Although this insurance is designed with the over 50s in mind, there is no age restriction to apply.

Younger named drivers can be included on the policy, subject to acceptance by the insurer.

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Q.5 What is 'No-Claims Discount'?

A. This is a discount on your car insurance premium. You can receive this if you have not made any claims against your policy, or if you have made a claim and your insurer has made a full recovery of costs from the Third Party. This discount grows with time based on the number of years you have been claims free.

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Q.6 Can I protect my 'No-Claims Discount'?

A. You will be automatically be given Protected No Claims Discount if you have at least four years No Claim Discount or have not made more than 1 fault claim in the past 3 years. No Claims Discount Protection allows you to have up to two claims in three years without affecting your No Claims Discount. It does not protect the overall price of your insurance policy. The price of your insurance policy may increase following an accident even if you were not at fault. Other factors can also increase the price of your policy.

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Q.7 What do I do if I have an accident?

A. Simply call the accident helpline on 0345 601 6687 or +44 2380 621983 if calling from abroad, it is open 24 hours, 365 days a year. Friendly staff will do all they can to help you avoid any further stress or worry.

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Q.8 Will I get a courtesy car during repairs?

A. Yes. As long as you have comprehensive cover, the insurer Ageas Insurance Limited, will provide a courtesy car in the event of an accident or when recovered damaged following a theft, whilst repairs are being carried out by an approved Ageas repairer. A courtesy car will also be provided for up to 14 days should your car be stolen or written off. 

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Q.9 Are the repairs guaranteed?

A. All repairs are guaranteed for up to three years, provided that they are carried out by one of the insurer's approved repairers.

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Q.10 Is Motor legal protection cover available?

A. Yes, you can take Motor legal protection cover that includes a 24/7 legal helpline for an extra cost. This covers you for legal costs to pursue compensation for personal injury when you are not at fault or to defend a motoring prosecution brought against you. You can also obtain legal advice and assistance (with costs up to £100,000) to pursue your claim for uninsured losses. This might include your policy excess, loss of earnings, car hire changes or additional travel expenses.

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Q.11 Is Motor Breakdown cover available?

A. Yes, you can add Motor Breakdown cover for an extra cost or your can buy this separately. This cover is provided by Intana Assistance.  You'll be covered for roadside assistance, vehicle recovery, and you're even covered at home if your car won't start. 

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Q.12 What if I change my mind?

A. If you are not satisfied with your policy you can cancel at any time by telephoning or writing to Age UK Insurance. You will only be charged for the time you have been on cover unless a claim has been made. If a claim has been made you will need to pay the full annual premium.

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Useful document and information

Here are some useful tips when looking to buy car insurance

  • Third-party insurance is not always cheaper than comprehensive and it may cost you more in the long run.
  • If you are involved in a crash with an uninsured driver, you could end up paying the repair bills even if it is not your fault.
  • Always contact the DVLA and your motor insurance company if you develop any medical conditions that could impair your ability to drive. Otherwise you may find yourself not insured and facing a fine.
  • Spread the cost of your insurance policy with Age UK Car Insurance by paying monthly at no extra cost (0% APR Representative).


Product Literature

Car Insurance Policy Document

Car Insurance Policy Summary

Motor Legal Protection Policy Document

Motor Legal Protection Policy Summary

Key Protection Policy Document

Key Protection Policy Summary

Excess Protection Policy Document

Excess Protection Policy Summary



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Age UK Car Insurance is administered by Ageas Retail Limited and provided by Ageas Insurance Limited.^

Age UK Motor Breakdown Insurance is provided by Intana Assistance.

Age UK Enterprises are always committed to providing good customer service. If you buy a product from Age UK Enterprises, you may be contacted by our partners Feefo on our behalf to find out about your buying experience.

* 10% of all new customers who took out a Comprehensive policy starting between July and December 2016 paid £185 (includes insurance premium tax at the applicable rate) or less. The premium you pay will depend on individual circumstances, the cover chosen and optional extras selected.

† If you call the 0800 number, you may be dealing with either an Age UK/Age Concern office or Ageas Retail Limited.

** Ageas Insurance Limited - winner - Personal Lines Insurer of the Year, Insurance Times Awards 2016.

*** Comprehensive cover only.

^Within 12 months this will be provided by a limited panel of insurers, details are available on request.

Age UK Enterprises Limited is the commercial arm of Age UK (registered charity number 1128267) and donates its net profits to Age UK.
Age UK Insurance is arranged by Age UK Enterprises Limited and arranged and administered by Ageas Retail Limited, who are both authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Ageas Retail Limited is a sister company of Ageas Insurance Limited.
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