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Access Centre Closure

Published on 09 April 2018 10:38 AM

Older people in East Lindsey will be able to access a new information and advice service which will come to their homes.

Four outreach workers will be visiting people in the community, allowing for greater reach of the service for those who could not get in to see advisers due to transport or mobility issues.
Sue White, Service Manager for Information & Advice says: “The Horncastle Access Centre is closing at the end of the month (March).
“Our new service will be more efficient with advisers going into people’s homes, meaning they reach the more vulnerable. The numbers of people using the Access Centre had declined.   More people access the Information & Advice Service over the telephone or in their own homes.”
The new service means people can talk about their personal and financial details in their own home, without the risk of being overheard as the Horncastle office was simply not designed for these purposes.
Last year £3.3 million in unclaimed benefits was found for people who did use the service.
Louth Access Centre remains open and Age UK Lindsey offers the information and advice service in community hubs in Horncastle, Wainfleet, Market Rasen, and Gainsborough.