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Published on 29 May 2020 12:35 PM

In recognition of Volunteers' Week 2020, we asked one of our micro-volunteers to share their thoughts on volunteering for Age UK Lindsey.

"For people of my generation, volunteering or 'helping out' is something that we have done since childhood.  My parents used to put my name forward to assist at summer fetes and jumble sales, and of course we often 'voluntarily' helped out at school.  But actually, we mucked in when and where needed, and this is what I wanted to do for Age UK Lindsey. 

As a micro-volunteer I enjoy the variety of ways I am able to assist, and the locations I get to visit.  Sometimes I may be putting up bunting and signage, sometimes delivering flyers and letters to supporters and often putting out and putting away an interesting collection of furniture!  I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to go to the races at Market Rasen Racecourse and fundraise on behalf of the charity.  My first-ever live horseracing event!  Yes, it was bitterly cold, but I loved the experience.  Being a collector of many things, I am also occasionally called upon to use my skills and knowledge to value the more unusual donations, something which I love doing. 

What really makes a difference is the people that I meet.  The interaction with a person taking a flyer, buying a raffle ticket or putting a donation in your collection bucket is rewarding and life-affirming.  And when people ask how you are, say thank you and tell you that the charity is such a good cause, it makes you feel connected and appreciated.  You even sometimes find yourself helping people during a random conversation, simply by directing them to the charity and its services. 

And the best bit about volunteering?  The cups of tea and delicious homemade cake!!"

volunteers week celebration