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The sad passing of Francis Dymoke, 34th Lord of Scrivelsby and 8th of Tetford

Published on 03 January 2024 11:09 AM

Over the Christmas period we had the sad news that Francis Dymoke, 34th Lord of Scrivelsby and 8th of Tetford, passed away after a short illness. 

Francis and his wife Gail have been fantastic supporters of our charity and many will remember them dancing together at our last Summer Festival in Woodhall Spa, when Francis attended in his role as Lord Lieutenant of Lincolnshire.

Francis was also known for carrying the Royal Standard into Westminster Abbey, leading the way for the King and Queen at the Coronation in May last year (Mr Dymoke's family has held the title of the King or Queen's Champion since the 14th Century).

Francis Dymoke was a friendly and welcoming man, supportive of our charity and happy to be involved with the local community.

Our thoughts are with Gail and his family at this time.