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Age UK Lindsey has been supporting local older people for nearly thirty years, by delivering a wide range of services in the home and community.  Our new strategic plan comes at a crucial point within the history of the charity and is at the core of future development - reaffirming our mission and ambition. 

In October 2019, we produced our last three year Strategic Plan. When this plan was launched, no one realised that only six months later the world would change and we would be hit by a global pandemic, which would cause huge disruption to our charity and made the Strategic Plan no longer fit for purpose. Following the Covid crisis and then a ‘Cost of Living’ crisis; caused in part by a war in Europe and spiralling fuel costs, our charity has had to re-assess when the time was right to launch a new three year Strategic Plan.

We feel this is the right time and our new plan is optimistic and builds on our previous successes, whilst taking into consideration the changes and challenges we face as a charity. Our new Strategic Plan continues many of the successful achievements previously put in place, particularly the emphasison partnership working and focusing on doing what we do well. It is a three year plan and gives focus to what we will do as a charity over the next three years, acknowledging the changing world we exist in.

The next three years are key within the history of our Age UK Lindsey and at its core this Strategic Plan reaffirms our mission and ambition to help make later life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for older people in East and West Lindsey and North Lincolnshire.

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