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Older woman smilingWe've joined forces with Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue to help you stay safe and well this winter.

We know that winter can be particularly challenging for older people, who can be more at risk from housefires, being unwell, or feeling lonely during the cold, dark months of winter. However, there are simple steps that you can take to build your resiliance, so we've brought together a range of resources to help you stay safe, well and warm this winter.

Each of the sections below contains links to further information and advice. Simply click on the pictures to find out more. We also have a number of free factsheets and booklets for you to read. Scroll down and click on the download links to open and read each of them on your device.

Helping you stay safe

  • Kitchen Safety

    Kitchens and cooking are the main cause of house fires in Lincolnshire. Take care when cooking at home and follow the safety advice from Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue.

  • Electrical Safety

    Electric appliances, especially heaters and blankets, can cause fires. It’s vital that you use and maintain them correctly to ensure that you stay safe and warm this winter.

  • Chimney Safety

    Most chimney fires are as a result of poor maintenance or a blocked flue. It’s important to get your chimney swept regularly to reduce the risk of fire. Find out more by visiting the Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue website.

  • Heating Safety

    It’s important to stay warm in winter but you should also be safe. Get your boiler serviced annually by a qualified engineer and check for warning signs that your heating may not be working properly. Find out more from the Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue website.

  • Fire Safety Self Assessment

    Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue can help you stay safe at home. Complete a self-assessment online and they’ll get in touch if there are any fire safety concerns.

  • Check Your Smoke Alarm

    Fitting and maintaining smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors throughout your house could give you precious extra minutes to make your escape from a dangerous situation. Visit the Fire Service website for more information about choosing, fitting and maintaining alarms.

Your Free Guide to Staying Safe

Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue are here to help you this winter. Download their free guide to staying warm and safe at home.

Download the guide

Helping you stay well

  • Covid Vaccination

    It's not too late to get vaccinated against coronavirus. The vaccine is safe and available at walk-in clinics, GP practices and pharmacies across the area. For extra protection over winter, all adults who have already received both jabs are being invited to receive a booster.

  • Health Worries

    We can all feel poorly from time-to-time, but any health worries should be checked out. Help is available from many sources, including your pharmacist, GP Practice and other NHS services. Visit the Age UK website to find out more about

  • Do Something You Enjoy

    Do something you enjoy every day. Having a routine which includes hobbies and interests can help you stay positive. Visit the Age UK website for more tips and information.

  • Flu Vaccination

    This winter it's even more important that you protect yourself from flu. Getting your free flu vaccination is one step you can take to help keep yourself protected this winter, find further info about staying well on the Age UK website.

  • Eat Well

    Eating well during the winter months can help keep you warm and maintain your well-being. Eating a little of what you fancy is better than not eating at all, and remember to keep your cupboards stocked with the essentials, just in case bad weather or illness  prevent you from shopping. Check out the Age UK website for a range of delicious recipes!

  • Stay in Touch

    During times of uncertainty or difficulty it’s really important to stay in touch. If you’re feeling down or anxious, talk to friends, family or even your GP. Visit the Age UK website for more advice and links to further resources.

  • Keep Active

    Keeping active can help you feel physically and mentally well, and help keep you warm. However you're feeling right now, Age UK can help get you moving!

  • Beat the Bad Weather

    It's best to be prepared for severe weather alerts, especially, snow, ice and storms. Age UK has some helpful tips on beating the bad weather.

Your Free Guide to Staying Well

Download Age UK's free guide to staying warm and well this winter.

Download the guide

Helping you stay warm

  • Free Home Energy Checks

    Does your home feel cold? Are you worried about paying your energy bills? As part of the Warm Homes programme, you could receive a free home energy check from Age UK Lindsey. If you are over 65, live in a cold home or have a long-term health condition, you may be eligible. Our trained Home Energy Adviser will discuss your home energy needs over the telephone and then arrange to come to your home and install free energy efficient equipment, such as light bulbs and reflective radiator panels to help make your heating more efficient. Call 01507 524242 to find out how we can help you

    Other support may be available to help you with your heating costs. Download the free factsheet for more information.

    Download the Help With Heating Costs Factsheet

  • Free Benefits Entitlement Checks

    Struggling to pay your energy bills? As part of the Warm Homes programme Age UK Lindsey can help. If you are of pensionable age we can check your benefits entitlement and ensure that you are receiving the financial help that you need. We can also make the application process easier by offering support with completing forms. Call 01507 524242 (option 1) to find out more.

    Switiching energy providers can also help save money on fuel bills. Download the free factsheet for more information.

    Download the Switching Energy Providers Factsheet

Help us to help older people stay well this winter

All donations, big or small, will help us to support older people living in East Lindsey, West Lindsey and North Lincolnshire to stay well this winter.