Ensure you're prepared for winter with our handy tips to look after your health.

1. Have a flu jab every year

If you’re over 65 or have certain health conditions you can get the jab for free. The vaccine takes up to ten days to take effect, so have it early on in the winter.

2. Check you’ve had a ‘pneumo’ jab

Couple picnicThis is a one-off jab that helps protect you against pneumonia, meningitis and septicaemia. If you’re over 65 and haven’t had one, ask your GP about it.

3. Wash your hands

Good hand hygiene is a simple way to prevent the spread of flu. Wash your hand regularly, and clean surfaces like your keyboard, telephone and door handles regularly to get rid of germs.

4. Get active

Staying active is not only essential for your wellbeing and fitness, it also generates heat and helps to keep you warm. When you’re indoors, try not to sit still for more than an hour.

5. Be prepared

Order repeat prescriptions in plenty of time, especially if bad weather is forecast and ask your local pharmacy if they offer a prescription pick-up and delivery service.

6. Keep in touch with people

It’s not unusual to feel a bit down in winter, if you are finding it difficult to get out and see friends make sure you phone or Skype them for a chat.

Our Winter Wrapped Up guide has all the information you need on staying well in winter

Download the Winter Wrapped Up guide (PDF, 701kb)