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Employment Issues

Most of the employment issues for older people are the same as those for people of any age, such as the written and implied terms of a contract and the legislation which underpins rights to breaks, the minimum wage, flexible working and paid holiday.

Older workers are frequently faced with the pressures of balancing the demands of different generations within their families and managing long-term health conditions or disabilities, as well as working out when they may want to retire, whether they want to reduce working hours or whether self-employment would offer the flexibility they need. There is also the question of how affordable these choices will be.

Your employer should not normally treat you differently because of your age or force you to retire at a specific age (although a few specific jobs do have a set retirement age). Some employers have excellent procedures and offer support, discounts and other help to their employees after they retire, other employers are less clear about their responsibilities. 

If you have a problem at work or a query about your rights and responsibilities and options, you can get more detailed information from your local Citizens Advice Bureau or see

You can get individual advice from the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) or from your trade union if you have one. Their advice is free and confidential and they will not contact your employer unless you want them to. You can contact ACAS on 0300 123 1100, or visit their website

You can find out more in our Older Workers' Guide below.

The Older Workers' Guide


Last updated: Sep 16 2022

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